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You must have seen girls swarming around this particular guy who is not handsome, good looking and doesn’t even have much money. He just seems irresistible. Meanwhile, you that have everything, have to make extra efforts to make girls notice you. What an unfair world! Sorry! But there is a solution. Do not worry, he is not ‘using’ anything. You can make yourself irresistible with money but you can do better with the following tips.



Humour is one of the quickest and most effective ways to attract a girl. They love guys who can make them laugh.

Be smart

You do not have to be Albeit Einstein when it comes to being smart. This has to do with the way you communicate, express your thoughts and your knowledge (of music, technology, science, food, health etc). So, be smart and the ladies will come.

Show some class

You do not have to dress to the nines to attract girls. It starts from simple things like matching your show with your belt, opening the door for her and other gentleman gestures. If you are rude with no class and disrespect women, they will run away.

Be in charge

A guy is meant to be in charge no matter how the situation is. He should not chicken out. For example, your car suddenly stops in the middle of nowhere. You do not expect her to find a solution. You should take charge and find a solution as quickly as possible. Do not be overwhelmed. Girls like guys who can take charge as well as protect them especially when they are being harassed.

Be thoughtful

You go out of your way to get her a power bank when she is travelling or you buy her a gift when visiting her. You do this especially for someone you are interested in.

Be unpredictable

Try to tweak your outing activities to accommodate her. You don’t have to do the same thing always. If you have been going to the same cinema for months, try to go to another one. Getting out of the rut will definitely make you unpredictable.

Give her attention

Busy, busy and busy will only make her feel that you do not care about her. Find time to see her and take her out. The more you give her attention, the more she loves you.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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