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Every workaholic in Nigeria must be excited about the long weekend; except for some of us who have to work regardless of the holiday. Most people already have a long list of places to visit and fun stuffs to do; even Accelerate TV has packaged a number of places to visit this break. But for the other population who love to simply rest (or, in reality, we are just excited about loafing around for four whole days!) here are few ways you can loaf in peace and enjoy every bit:


Duh! What did you think was the most important part of loafing? Spend your time sleeping for hours! For once, you don’t have to get up early for work on a week day, your alarm clock might as well go missing for this period of time. In fact, you should pray against all forms of mothers, sisters, brothers and friends that might want to disturb your sleep (actually, you can just lock your door and pretend not to hear their knocks. Trust me, it works.) They’ll go away eventually.

2. Classics:

Another awesome way to loaf is to binge on movies. Just stock up on old movies (especially those classics that your friends make fun of you for not having watched while growing up) that you never got a chance to watch or watch the ones you have seen before again. Curl up in your sitting room or bedroom and watch movies all day, night and day again. Don’t forget to buy pop corn and drinks to go with the movie binge.

3. The talk:

It’s called loafing for a reason. As long as it’s aimless, please gist away the time. Call your spouse, best friends, siblings and fill their ears with all the gist you have not caught up on over the weeks. There’s plenty of time for all of them, trust me.

4. Music:

Music truly is life, as they say (I think). Turn on your stereo, press play and dance your sorrows away this holiday. Catch up on music videos that you missed, and new songs and albums you have not had time for. May do a karaoke of your own and engage some friends in a karaoke competition.

5. Food:

This is not too good for people who are on a diet. But if you are one of those people that the world hates, who can eat everything in Africa, from chocolates, to pastries, to pizzas and show no evidence of your crime, hey, this is a good time to throw caution aside and indulge. Stock up on ice cream today so that you don’t even have to go out later in the holiday. Or just whip something up in your kitchen like the peppered snails whetting your appetite up there.

6. Bath:

Sounds weird but here’s a way to get creative with baths; Or soak up in a bubble bath with a glass (or more) of your favourite drink (I’ll have a coke please), close your eyes, and savour the beauty of that love song you love for hours. Or maybe DJ Khaled’s new album, Grateful. Please you have the time.

7. Books

Hol’up! Not those inspirational, educational, and very important books that can only transform you life oh! We are looking for ways to while away time aimlessly, those books don’t exactly fit into that category. Think more about Nora Roberts, Silhouette, John Grisham, and other novels gathering dust in your room. Yes, now we are on the same page. Simply binge on novels. That’s the easiest way to loaf, as you can spend hours on one Harry Potter novel and you will not be tired, plus you will enjoy it.

Basically, it is a holiday. You have all the time to yourself. Please pamper yourself and forget about the world. Trust me, it’s healthy.

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