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Weekends are for parties so please feel free to turn up to your fill from tonight till Sunday night… But going to a party without the right etiquette can quickly get you either kicked out or not invited to another party. If you don’t want to be singled out of those fun moments with your friends, here are party bloopers you must avoid this year.


Don’t forget to RSVP – Okay it is your friend that is throwing the party so why should you even bother booking your place? Here’s your answer – because your friend will plan for a certain number of people and if you show up unannounced, that is a disservice to them. Because your friend called you to invite you as well, and deserves to know if you will be coming or not. Because… welcome to adulthood.

Don’t show up too early – It is a party not a job interview. It is okay to show up fashionably late. Showing up too early to a party will only make the host feel rushed and also put them under the strain of entertaining you while they wait for other guests to arrive. So yeah you want to impress them, don’t do it by coming early. Giving them a 15 to 30 minute space after the actual start time for the party is considerate.

Don’t show up too late – If you are too late and the party favours and food are finished before you get there, then you have no one else but yourself to blame.

Bring Something – This automatically wins you a place in the heart of the host. It is always a nice gesture to bring something to a party you are invited to, it gives you a heightened respect at the party (especially if most of the others did not bring something). Make sure the host notices your gift though or your efforts may just go in vain. Plus if you get there late, you can eat part of your own party favours.

Watch the drinking – Yeah you want to turn up and have fun, it is a party after all, but please this is not a bar. It is only respectful to control your drinking to avoid awkward conversations and that unnecessary drama.

Drop the phone and mingle – It is purely rude to sit in one corner pressing your phone while the party is giong on. Worse is when someone is trying to make a conversation with you and you are looking at your phone. Why did you bother going to the party at all?

Know when to leave – Nobody puts a closing time to their party, but nobody expects you to stay overnight either, except otherwise stated. Look out for what the other people at the party are doing after a while, and take a cue. If the host starts cleaning, that is also your cue – take it and leave. But don’t forget to thank the host before you go.

So there yo have it, go and make us proud with your newly learnt party etiquettes.

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