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By Damilola Faustino

Whether you are currently unemployed or seeking a career change, the job search process can be exhausting. When you eventually you receive the job offer, you are likely to hurriedly accept it, but you should avoid making a brisk decision. Take some time to review the offer, and if any of these reasons feature prominently in the job, you should reject the job offer:

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Terms of offer are unsatisfactory
If there are serious differences in how your negotiations turned out, these can usually lead to desperation and frustration. For example, if you are offered far less than what you agreed to be paid, it is a major reason not to accept the offer. Remember that once you accept it, you may have to wait until a scheduled performance review to ask for changes.

Unprofessional interview process

If the hiring manager keeps you waiting or calls you to reschedule the interview several times, it’s clear that the organization does not value the candidate’s time. Consider this before accepting that job offer.

Employees are quitting

If the company is experiencing a massive turnover of employees, there’s probably a good reason. Consider this a red flag, and search for more information about the company before accepting the offer.

Too much travel

Getting to and from work should not be the most exhausting experience of your day. If it is, you’ll arrive at your job tired and probably get home the same way. Test out the commute by testing out the route beforehand, at the time of day you’d be expected to report in. If you can cope, you can accept the job, if you can, it is advisable you do not accept it.
You’re not excited about the positionIf you’re accepting the job just to obtain employment but are not passionate about the position, you should actually wait for something that really excites you.

Negative atmosphere

You can get a good sense of the work environment just by studying the employees you meet during the interview. Watch out for negative attitudes. If this is the atmosphere that pervades the workplace, then it is a red flag.

Long recruitment process

If it takes weeks or months for the company to complete each step, you should be wary and careful.

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