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Dubai is a city that is not afraid of ambition. Pumping billions into positioning itself as a tourist mecca and business hub, the place is an attention seeking over-achiever of sorts. Sprouting up from the desert almost from scratch over the last 20 years, the entire city has a start-up mentality. Things happen quickly. Whatever way you look at it, Dubai is a contradiction of sorts. But love it or hate it, it’s a city that demands attention. With all that said, here are reasons why you should visit Dubai right now:


Dubai has one of the most amazing skylines in the world

There are a lot of skyscrapers in Dubai. Whether you’re Downtown around the Burj Khalifa (the tallest man-made structure on earth), or down at the Marina, home to 4 of the 5 tallest residential buildings in the world, you’re never too far away from a pretty amazing view.

It’s a multi-cultural melting pot

With almost 200 different nationalities calling it home, and a massive 90% of the population coming from outside the country, Dubai is arguably one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. In contrast to cities like New York or London that have been inhabited for hundreds of years, Dubai’s expats are mainly first-generation, bringing with them a host of different cultural traditions. The diversity on show in the city is unparalleled.

The city is a foodies heaven

With such a diverse population, there is a spectacular range of food styles available in the city. With hundreds of Arab-Persian-Indian-Pakistani-Filipino-French-Japanese-Chinese-British, and American restaurants, both humble and high-end, there’s something for everyone. Throw in the array of food festivals that happen throughout the year and the stream of pop-up eateries and it’s no wonder people talk about newbies putting on the ‘Dubai stone’.

Sun, Sea and Sand

This is another pretty obvious one, but definitely one of the main draws for visitors. With more than 300 days of sunshine per year and over 1,000km of coastline, you’re never too far away from getting your tan on.

Things happen fast

Not that long ago, Dubai was a sleepy backwater that was mainly home to fishermen and pearl-divers. Since the 90’s however, when the rulers set out to strategically diversify from being mainly an oil-based economy by focusing on tourism and business, things have seriously picked up pace. These days, new properties and infrastructure seemingly pop up overnight, and rarely a week goes by without an announcement of some new extravagant project.

It is the modern art and design capital of the Middle East

From the gritty Alserkal Avenue art district that has sprouted up in the industrial Al Quoz area in the last few years, to the slick art galleries sprinkled through the Financial Centre, Dubai has a pretty diverse art scene. The Dubai Design District has just been opened, and when you throw in the array of art and design festivals like Art Dubai and Design Days taking place, there’s always something going on for the aesthetically minded.

It’s a shopper’s delight

Home to the biggest mall in the world (the imaginatively titled Dubai Mall) and with high-end retail locations seemingly on every corner, it’s no surprise that visitors come to Dubai from far and wide for a bit of retail therapy. While many countries have January Sales after Christmas, Dubai has a month-long shopping festival with concerts and giveaways where shoppers can win cars and gold.

By Damilola Faustino

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