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Friend zoning is very common today and quite a number of people have been in that zone for so long that they think they are dating. Bro/Sis wake up. This is a classic case of friend zone and it can be very painful because you really like that person and desperately want both of you to date. But the person’s focus is somewhere else. For those who have been chasing someone for weeks, here are signs that you are being friend zoned. Do well to make a final decision after reading these tips to leave that zone you have been placed by your love interest.

friend zone

They only remember you when they need something

When they need something that is when they remember you. Afterwards, they disappear and reappear again when they need your help. When next they call you, do not pick their call or reply their text. It will send a signal that enough is enough.

Introduces you as a friend

Very simple. If she introduces you as her friend even after expressing your interest in her, find your way because she just sees you as a friend.

They do not want others to see you together

They cannot walk with you down the boulevard or drive in your car. This is because they are probably ashamed of you and do not want friends to see both of you together. This simply means that you are not good enough for them.

Three is not a crowd

When you go on a date or you invite them to your house, they come with an extra friend. Certainly, you did not tell her to bring her friend. You may overlook this the first time. But if she does it frequently, talk to her and if she does not listen, you should walk away. She doesn’t care.

They talk about their escapades

They tell you about all their hookups. The narration is very explicit that you become uncomfortable. Just listen to what they have to say and delete her number from your phone.

They attempt to set you up with her friends

If a guy or lady really likes you, they will not set you up with their friends. After all, you are his/her darling.

You are her emotional pillow

She uses you as her emotional pillow. So, when she calls you she is always going through emotional problems and you offer your comfort and sympathy. You do this because you admire her. But, for how long will you do this?

Written By Damilola Faustino