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We all need to know these 7 steps to mindful eating. Like most of us, you’ve probably eaten something in the past few hours. And, like many of us, you may not be able to recall everything you ate, let alone the sensation of eating it. Because we’re working, driving, reading, watching television, or fiddling with your electronic devices, we’re not fully aware of what we’re eating.


By truly paying attention to the food you eat, you may not indulge in fast foods and whatever you can buy on the roadside. In essence, mindful eating means being fully attentive to your food—as you buy, prepare, serve, and consume it.

1. Begin with your shopping list. 

shopping-list-1024x1024Consider the health value of every item you add to your list and stick to it to avoid impulse buying when you’re shopping. Fill most of your cart in the produce section and avoid the center aisles.

2. Come to the table with an appetite.


If you skip meals, you may be so eager to get anything in your stomach that your first priority is filling the void instead of enjoying your food.

3. Start with a small portion.


It may be helpful to limit the size of your plate to nine inches or less.

4. Appreciate your food. 

mindful02Pause for a minute or two before you begin eating to contemplate everything and everyone it took to bring the meal to your table. Silently express your gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy delicious food and the companions you’re enjoying it with.

5. Take small bites.


It’s easier to taste food completely when your mouth isn’t full. Put down your utensil between bites.

6. Chew thoroughly. 

African American woman eating fruit salad --- Image by © Rolf Bruderer/Blend Images/Corbis

Chew well until you can taste the essence of the food. (You may have to chew each mouthful 20 to 40 times, depending on the food.) You may be surprised at all the flavors that are released.

7. Eat slowly. 


If you follow the advice above, you won’t bolt your food down. Devote at least five minutes to mindful eating before you chat with your tablemates. Don’t take use your mobile devices while eating.

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Written By Efe Ohworakpo

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