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Everyone seems to have an affection for alcohol these days. They just love to drink. This has led to a generalisation that relatively everyone you meet drinks, which is totally incorrect. There are still people out there who are ‘teetotal’. These persons who do not drink have struggles they deal with in their daily lives just because they do not drink. Teetotals can relate with some of these struggles:

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Your friends refuse to buy any drink for you because you don’t take alcohol

If one of your friends volunteers to pay for everyone’s drink and you say you do not take beer, be ready to settle the bill for whatever you want to drink. This is because they want the table to be soft drink free.

You feel odd because you are taking soda 

Certainly, you will feel odd or even out of place because you are drinking coke, malt or juice, while your friends are downing the best and the most expensive alcohol brands. You will even regret going out with them.

You stay home because your friends didn’t invite you to the party

Alcohol is an important feature at any party, especially night parties. It is incomplete without beer. Since you are teetotal, you do not see the need to go. More so, your friends will not invite so that you won’t embarrass them. Hence, they prefer to leave you out. You should respect yourself by just staying in your house.

Your bae is shocked that you don’t drink while she can down a whole crate

Imagine dating a girl who drinks excessively while you abstain. She will be very shocked because, for her, it is natural for all guys to drink. You too you may be humiliated and wish you can start drinking.

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You are pressured to drink

Due to the fact that you have been socially shut out by your friends, some individuals will bow to pressure to start drinking. Others do not. Whatever the case maybe, nobody should force you to do what you do not want to do.

You are the babysitter

You will be the messenger or babysitter of the group. If they want to do or keep anything, you will be the one they give or send. It can be very annoying. You should stand your ground and rebuff such.

You are given a name

Pastor, Alfa and holy…holy…These are some of the few names you are given if you are teetotal.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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