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By Damilola Faustino

Women want so many things in their relationship. However, unlike men who are willing and ready to voice everything they want, women won’t. But they expect you to be aware of what they desire at every point in time. So guys, you may have to be a seer to know these things. But don’t blame the women, that is how they are wired. Ladies, see if you agree with this list and guys, you might want to pick a pen and paper:


Men grow up learning to value toughness and competitiveness rather than being gentle and soft. But when it comes to relationships, gentleness in words, thoughts, and actions are important. So, treat women with respect. Be kind. Speak softly.


So much of what both people do in a relationship goes unnoticed. Lovers are quick to pounce on each other with complaints and disagreements but hardly share what they value about their partner. Women usually juggle many things at once and are often taken for granted. Letting her know that you appreciate her many sacrifices will help her feel valued and cared for.


Instead of challenging, making fun of, or questioning the woman in your life, why not accept her? Unconditionally. Don’t point out her flaws, don’t complain about particular traits, or make her feel bad about something she’s already feeling bad about. So abdicate your judgments and accept her.

To feel you are reliable

Women want to know that their man can handle himself when life happens. They want to know that he won’t run and hide when they get a bit too emotional for their liking. They want to know that they can count on their man at every moment.


Women love to laugh. Humour is a great way to reduce tension. As a guy, do not joke with humour in your relationship. Laughter, more than love, is the shortest distance between two hearts.


Women like the small things, the thoughtful gestures that show them that you are thinking about them. This could be an unexpected text, doing something for someone that’s important to them, picking up their favourite food or running an errand without being asked.


Some women will demand outrightly for cash while others are usually timid about it. The best? Just give her money whether she asks or not. Money should not be the focus of a relationship but it is important to boost your love life.

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