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The 2019 General Elections are slated to hold on Saturday, February 16, 2019. This translates to a whole lot of things.

First of all, there will be no movement during the elections, so everyone is expected to have a polling unit at a walking distance from their houses. This may be a huge inconvenience for a lot of people, so it is best to prepare, not only for the election, but for other circumstantial events as well.

So in order to prevent being caught unawares, here are things you can do to stay prepared during the elections:


Get you PVC: We should not even need to still be saying this anymore, but it cannot be stressed enough. Today is the deadline for collection of Permanent Voters Cards, the date was extended from last week Friday, so please take advantage of the extension, so that you can exercise your civic duty and secure your future and that of your children.

Get informed: Don’t just go out and vote based on what other people have told you. Google each candidate and vote wisely.

Stock up: Stock up on supplies, groceries and all things necessary. It is a weekend and there will be no movements at all, so be sure that you have food stock at home for yourself and your family.

Start shopping now: So you have to shop, but please do not put off your shopping for Friday, the day before the elections, because a lot of people will be doing the same. Try to do your shopping as quickly as possible so that you won’t be stuck in traffic and the last minute rush.

Keep your home secure: Election periods in Nigeria are a very fragile period. You have to be careful where you go, who is around you and what you are doing per time. People get agitated about election issues, and electoral violence erupts quite easily. So besides ensuring that you go back home as soon as you are done placing your vote, ensure that your home is secure and stock up with enough food to last at least the weekend, just in case anything happens. You can’t be too careful.

Stay with a loved one: If you live alone, it could get boring real quick being locked up alone at home all day. So try to stay with someone, family member, girlfriend, friends, who could be good company during your home stay.

Reschedule all appointments and events: If you have forgotten, Elections hold this Saturday. So if you have a wedding planned or an event, now is a good time to cancel last minute. Reschedule for another time.

So there you have it. If you can check yes to all the above-mentioned, then you are truly ready for the elections and we can’t wait to see your smile when you secure your future in the safest, most comfortable way possible.

By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

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