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7 Trendy Hairstyles You Should Try

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 By Pamela Obasi

A woman’s hair is an essential part of her body that enhances her beauty and gives her an amazing look. Most often, ladies style their hair once -a -week, once- in- two weeks, once- in- three weeks or monthly. Styling hair is important for ladies because, it is a reflection of their identity. It defines their personality and complements their features.

Whether it’s low cut, long hair or short hair, once styled appropriately to suit the shape of the face, you would always look beautiful. It is important, therefore, to always choose the right hairstyle and the right color of hair that suits you.

For ladies who love to look good and trendy, if you are confused on your next hair style, here are 7 trendy hair styles that can make you go from oh… to Wow!

Number 1 on our list is the braids and beads. This style has been trending for awhile now. Why not try this out if you haven’t?

Number 2 is the Straight human hair. It is back in trends. Straight hair always gives you this gorgeous look. Try this out!

Number 3 on our list is the faux locs.

Number 4 is the Bob Style. This beautiful trending style always gives a classy


Here’s number 5 and it’s the curly afro hair. This voluminous hairstyle is ideal for any occasion. it is certainly one to try.

Number 6 is the braid wig. How do you style your natural hair? Try this out.

And finally, number 7 is crochet braids. This hairstyle is still trending and whether it’s done long or short, you would look stunning.

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