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Ok gentlemen, this is for you if you are between 24 to 35, and an older woman in this case may be be only a few years above you, like 3 or 4. So if you are 26 or 27 and this special lady who we are going to call Lady X is about 30, then welcome home. Now  let us take on the sensual pieces of audio you need to serenade that special lady…….you bad bad boy.


1. Barry White- Practise What You Preach

To be honest, Barry White’s entire discography is a big seductofest, but this song makes it to this because it brings that ”Barry Tone” that is heavy as an anvil, with lyrics addressing a sexy female who may be somewhat a tease.


2. Bruno Mars- Versace On The Floor

Lady X is an older women, but that don’t mean you have to stay old school. Every grown girl who knows good music knows that the delicate expressions and tempo of this song is just the treatment she needs in this cold cold world.



3. Silk-Freak Me

Back to the old school. She needs to know that you are not a goody two shoes kinda guy. You need to bring the 90s RnB bad boy flavour like ”Freak Me” which profoundly expresses the intentions that you are holding on to.  She needs to know that you know what you are doing and where you are going.



4. Miguel- Adorn You 

If you did not know it, please know it now, Miguel makes music for mature women. So brothers, it is time to go EMO! Can’t make a seductive playlist without throwing some sensitive splashes of true affection in the mix. You don’t have to mean it, but  Miguel on this song goes all in on the vocals to deliver an intoxicating rush of feelings,and a killer chorus that will have the lady wanting more time around you.



5. Toni Braxton- You’re making me high

The sole purpose of this song is…something to sing along to, no matter what you are currently doing with Lady X. Whether she is pressing her phone while seated, or in your arms or standing in the middle of the room (for whatever reason)…just give her that Toni Braxton flow from when the lyrics go ”You know i want you so bad baby baby baby”



6. AZ Yet- Last Night

This song and Freak Me which is in the number 3 spot are both here for the same reason. They are melodiously powerful experiences that don’t mince words and make it clear that it is about to get heated up in here. With the lyrics of Last Night, Lady X herself will recognize that this is a full fledged seduction in progress, and then she will decide on consent, so just wait like a gentleman.



7. Kelly Rowland- Motivation 

A crucial part of the experience you are looking to bring is Lady X effortlessly enjoying herself, so you need to throw in some classic bops that will have her jamming along. Remember you are here to score points.



8. Tiwa Savage- Wanted 

In the event that Lady X is an African woman (especially Nigerian), it is only right that you throw her some Tiwa, just for the purpose of feeling herself. Wanted comes with the right feel because Lady X is powerful, gracious and in control……you want her…..but you are at the mercy of her terms.



9.  Rihanna- Te Amo

Again, she needs to feel herself, and you need to ride along to the sensual effect of a tune like Te Amo with an enchanting instrumental. Conversation can be paused just to take in this timeless surge of audio magic.



10. Usher- Nice and Slow

Seduction is an RnB arena, and Usher is an RnB legend, and this song, is RnB treasure. Nice and slow qualifies the whole concept of you and Lady X’s destination with a delicate vibe and tactful delivery. Now go forth and conquer.

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