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The Collectiv3 are back, 3 years after leaving us with the amazing The Collectiv3 LP. This time they are back with The Collectiv3: Live. Create. Repeat, although some of the musicians featured on the first album are missing, they manage to keep the essence and all the good music that was on the first edition.If you were a fan on the critically acclaimed eponymous project, The Collectiv3 LP, then The Collectiv3: Live. Create. Repeat is definitely one for your playlists. Executive produced by Ikon and Tec of SDC, the album has a lot of  r&b, raggae and jazz elements.

In the absence of Kid Konnect on the boards, new rave of the moment, Spax, takes control of majority of the production load and does a fantastic job, Fulfill Your Destiny and Kiss The Fire featuring Tec, Tomi Thomas and Tems are a testament to that. The production was dynamic and if its stellar lyricism you’re looking for trust Ghost, Tec and Poe not to disappoint.The Collectiv3: Live. Create. RepeatAs a highly experimental album, even though they were many cooks in the kitchen, the music that was made came out just fine.

Listen below:

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