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Petroleum jelly is readily available at nearly every store you visit. Certainly, you think that it is only for moisturising your body, but you can do much more with petroleum jelly. Read on to discover these things:


Polish your shoes

Perhaps you have exhausted your polish. Not to worry, petroleum jelly is a perfect replacement. Just rub it on your shoes and you will spot the difference.

Removing makeup stains 

Rub some petroleum on the makeup stain and then wash. Easy peasy.

Remove makeup

Granted, you may not fancy using petroleum jelly for the face. But know that it can help remove your makeup and it works. Make-up wipes can be harsh on your skin and your wallet.

Keep razor blades fresh

Rubbing petroleum jelly over your razor blades will help keep them sharp for longer and avoid rust. You already know that using rusty blades is quite dangerous and unhealthy.

Removing chewing gum from hair

Rub petroleum jelly around the gum’s surface area and it will simply be removed without causing any hair damage.

Make perfume last

The best way to make your perfume last is to apply a bit of petroleum jelly where you want to spray your scent and it will last.

Stop soap from entering your eyes

If you want to keep soap away from your child’s eyes during a bath, rub petroleum jelly on the eyebrow. The water will flow sideways instead of into his/her eyes.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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