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By Damilola Faustino

We all have it-a small dresser or nightstand next to our beds. It usually houses certain important items. But what do you really need in and on your nightstand or night table? If you want to showcase how sophisticated you are, here are a few items you must have.

nightstand bed

Notepad and pen

Ideas may come up at any time of the day that if you do not write them down, it will evaporate as soon as they come.  To guard against this, you should have a notepad and pen on your nightstand. Also, endeavour to return them back after using it. It keeps you from waking up completely and ruining a good night sleep.


If you live anywhere where a power outage is even a possibility, keeping a flashlight handy can be handy. It beats having to get out of bed, stub your toe and walk into a wall. It’s inexpensive and easy to store for when you need it.

Small Lamp

You should keep some form of light next to your bed. It can be nice to have while you’re waking up or just getting ready for bed and want that “mid-level” lighting effect. It can also help set the mood for when the bed isn’t being slept in.


It can be a tie-tacks or a simple tie-clip, but something for your tie is needed. You don’t always need it, but there are times where fashion calls for it. It’s just like a pocket square and it adds a little spice to your class. Plus they are relatively inexpensive for the basic designs.


Just like tie-tacks, these may not always be needed. You should have one shirt that uses cuff-links. It is a great fashion accessory you may need anytime.

Water glass

This can be an actual glass. This is useful when you need to down water in the middle of the night. Additionally, most people don’t drink enough water as it is, so you should keep the water at easy reach so that you can grab a quick swig and fall right back asleep. You will feel refreshed with the simple sip of H20.


We’ve all been stuck with a late-night sniffle, but keeping a box of tissues by your bed will prepare you for a drippy nose. If you’re trying to cut down on the number of items you have on the top surface, tuck a small pack of travel-sized facial tissues in your drawer so you can keep some on hand without cluttering up the nightstand.


Keep your lips and skin smooth by keeping moisturizers in your nightstand. A lip balm will help you protect your lips while you sleep, and a small bottle of hand lotion can keep you from waking up to scaly hands.

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