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Congratulations on making it into the list of housemates for the 2019 BBNaija Reality show. You are already making history as one of the first housemates of the show’s first setting in Nigeria. But, while in the house, you have to keep up appearance in order to be loved enough not to voted out. Here are items you will need in the house that will make your stay in the house worth your while:


Pairs of running shoes

Sure, this may seem like an obvious item to pack, but not any old shoe will do. Those runners are about to go through weeks of hell and insane tests of endurance. They will get wet, scratched, scrunched, and stained. You will need to bring a pair that is of good quality, and perhaps recently purchased to ensure they do not have any battle wounds already. Plus it makes you look good on camera to own a pair of bad ass kicks to own it!

Casual wear

It is important to bring the best of the best when it comes to your comfy clothes and casual wear. Avoid the jogging pants with holes in them and opt for a nice, sleek pair of pants and a hoodie that are ready to be worn out in three months. House guests have a nasty habit of lounging in these items until the live episodes are being taped, so make it count!


Bikinis are a staple of Big Brother wardrobes. Some of your first promotional photos will be taken in your swimwear so make sure you choose not only the most flattering but your favorites as well. Between the pool and sunbathing, your swimsuit is going to be all over national TV and the internet, make sure you shop around and bring more than one option.

Hat, head wraps or any other piece of accessories

Another BB staple is the all-important hat. Every house guest should practice the importance of sun care. These items also come in handy for days you don’t want to wash, brush, or style your hair.

Multi-purpose items

When in doubt, always pack an item that you know can be used for more than one thing.

A large enough suitcase

At some point you will have to leave the BB house, so make sure you don’t over pack from the get-go. Treat this competition like a vacation. You may bring more out of the house versus what you brought in, so bring a suitcase that has room for any items you may collect while playing.

Athletic gear

Even if you are not into sports or working out, chances are you are going to find yourself doing some form of group activity. So, bring your best yoga pants and embrace your inner athlete.

Perfect exit outfit

Whether too early, or right at the end, at some point, you will have to make that long walk. The world will be watching and a live audience will be directly in front of you, so make sure you put a lot of extra thought into the outfit you will wear on eviction night, or better yet, finale night!

By Damilola Faustino

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