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By Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Sometimes all you need is to remember one quote and you can get all the encouragement you need. Other times, you may need more than a quote, but here’s the fact, a quote is always useful, even when you think it is not. Just see these quotes for example:


Do not stick with fear: Obviously, this is easier said than done, because fear does not ask your permission before creeping into your heart, but here’s what you can do. You can realise this is fear just holding you back and you can choose to lock it out.

Success is all about making the right decisions: You can decide to sleep or work; eat or exercise; execute or procrastinate; and the list goes on. What’s your decision?

Just start: This needs no explanation. Start! Stop procrastinating. Plan, but don’t overplan. Fact is your plans may even get altered in the process of your execution.
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So start first.

It’s the little things that count: ‘Little drops of water make an ocean’, they say. Well it’s true. Start small and you just might end big.

Never give up: This may be over-flocked. Everyone says it, but no one tells you why. Well, here’s why, because most of the people who succeeded in life did exactly that. They did not give up. Thomas Edison made almost a thousand failed attempts on the light bulb before he finally made it. Thank God for those failures, they taught him what not to do.

Take a pause: Many of us are always in a hurry, especially with the digital age, where almost everything you need is only a click away. But if you don’t try to slow down from time to time, you could crash and burn. Another reason why pausing is also great is that it helps you reflect and see things from another perspective. Finally, it is okay to pause and celebrate your little victories.

It starts with you: Here’s the thing about change. It is never dependent on the things in your environment or the people around you. Rather, it is dependent on what you do with those things in your environment and those people around you. Start making changes.

Hope this can make you think again and forge ahead with your vision. If you can remember these quotes, then the second half of the year is already looking great for you.

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