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Different kinds of people exist in a typical Nigerian office setting. There are some you will pray to have as a boss, and others you will never. We are sure you will be able to relate with some of these types of bosses:


The nagging boss

They are always talking and complaining. They never see anything good in whatever you do even though you try your best. You can never satisfy them. In fact, they just dislike you for no reason and they scold you for any little mistake.

The Clueless/Oversabi boss

The clueless one doesn’t know the answer to a particular question but because he or she is the boss, they will never admit. Rather, they will continue to tread the clueless path until they embarrass themselves. You dare not laugh! They are also the oversabi that act as if they know everything.

Motivational Speaker

This boss will inspire you to give your best. As in they will unleash your potentials with the words that drop from their mouths. You will always look forward to going to the office!

The Delegator

They are never ready to do anything. They delegate responsibilities to their subordinatesso much that they simply come to the office to lounge. These kinds of bosses will sap all your strength and pay you pittance as salary. They are very lazy.

The Remote control boss

You know how you control your television with a remote control? These bosses want to control your whole life. You dare not greet them and when you greet them, you must add sir or ma and also you are expected to help them with their bags. In addition, you don’t talk when they are present.


Just nice boss

They are simply too nice. They care about their subordinates and will always defend them when they are in trouble. They will always stand up for you!

The snitch boss

The snitch boss will be the one to say bad things about an employee who they dislike to the CEO so that he/she will be sacked.

The TGIF Boss

The Thank God It’s Friday Bosses are the ones who love to party and groove. They also take their subordinates out for team bonding and to other small events. He/she sincerely loves the employees and the employees love them. However, the love ends at partying and team bonding.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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