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Written by Oluwatoyin Adeleye

Every lady already knows what she wants in her bag so it’s sort of a bore when you tell us what to put in our own bags. But have you ever been in a situation where you need something that you would never have thought of but you don’t have it? Like you spend the night at a friend’s place unplanned and the next day, you have nothing to wear to work. Or you have to turn down a surprise offer to go chill with your friends, because you were not prepared for a sleepover. Worry no more. Here are 8 items that are sure to save you no matter how impromptu the situation is:


Safety pins have saved a lady on more than one occasion. You could already be out of your house and a button pops from you blouse, or you find out your bra is sticking out at the back of your ‘show-back’ dress, or even sticking out at the arms, or your zip gives way (no one is ever prepared for that). A safety pin is extremely helpful in such a situation.

–A small comb:

After your sleepover at a boy’s house, you don’t expect him to have a small ladies comb tucked somewhere in a corner of his house do you? You have to solve the problem of your disheveled hair yourself. Or even when you arrive at work and your hair is all scattered due to the stress of the trip to your destination. Just pop out your comb and put all the strands back in place.

–Hair Pins:

This goes without saying. This makes styling your hair the next morning so easy. Plus it even helps you to keep your hair in place through the breeze blowing through your hair on your bus trip to your destination. The breeze doesn’t exactly care about how long you spent tucking your hair into place.


This may make you shy but hey, there’s a reason for the rule that stops guys from searching through a lady’s bag. Plus it’s high time you put those secret compartments in your bag to good use. You don’t want to be stuck without a change of underwear in the morning. So yes, put a spare underwear inside your bag to work. You don’t know when it might come in handy.


If you are a lady and you still move around without the most essential items of your makeup in your bag, then you are quite strange. Pick up your lipstick, you powder and eyeliner, if you don’t want too many items in your pretty bag.

–Hand cream:

It is so unladylike to be caught with white, scaly patches on your hands or feet or on your body. The weather may be at fault, but no one cuts us that sack. It’s just wrong. Pop your cream and moisturise immediately.


If you don’t want to be suck with the same jewelry you wore yesterday, there is always a tiny little pace in your bag for extra earrings. They are small enough but they pop your look, giving you a fresh new look the following day, with no one suspecting anything about your previous night *winks*.

–Extra Cash



It is weird that there are people who actually leave their homes without more money than they anticipate for the day. Emergencies can come in any form or time. But besides, the serious emergencies, you don’t want to be stuck turning down an offer for a sleepover because you don’t have change of clothes. It keeps your worries at bay when you know you can easily wake up the next morning and walk into a store close by to buy a change of top, or a dress, or something to wear. So start going out with your ATMs. It’s not all the time that the boy has to worry about that for you.

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