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Here are 8 African MCs that deserve far more recognition than they get, and you should totally get on their material. But if you are allergic to  bars…..ignore this. Let’s go.


8- Khaligraph Jones Hiphop HeavyWeight

Jones is the Swahili/English rap star from Kenya whose reign in the game has been sustained by constant evolution and adaptation to the times. If hiphop goes trap, Khaligraph Jones will tap into the sound and come through to match.

Recommended Track:  Mazishi


7- Ladipoe aka POEVerbal Sharpshooter

Nigeria has its full army of dope MCs, but Poe is a unique hiphop artist whose fusion of intelligent penmanship and smooth flow is unmatched. Listen close when you bump to Poe, because you just may miss some of the deepest wordplay. He is an underated African gem.

Recommended Track: Man Already


6- E.L- Wolf, Samurai

Well known in Ghana but not as celebrated as should be with his wild skills and verse murdering style. E.L is the Ghanian wolf on the mic which is why we make no argument when he self proclaims the title B.A.R (Best African Rapper)

Recommended Track: Best African Rapper


5- Stella Mwangi Stone Cold Fox

Stella Mwangi is unapologetic about the feminine braggadocio she brings to every beat. The Kenyan rap goddess holds nothing back when dropping her profound expressions and light punchlines, whether she’s going on a rampage in English or bringing the fury in Swahili.

Recommended Track: Ready to Pop


4- Show Dem Camp- The Lethal Weapon

SDC is the Nigerian duo consisting of two lyrical warriors Tec and Ghost! While Tec is seen as the relatable guy with the sweet flow and heavy bars, Ghost is the mind buster whose complex lines of thought will have you wondering how many PHD’s he would have if there was such a thing as  hiphop academia.

Recommended Track: Ewele


3- Tumi Molekane- Poet & Preacher

If African hiphop was philosophy, Tumi is Socrates. This South African MC is a poet, and occasional battle rapper with the most mentally sophisticated delivery style. A Tumi verse feels like a conversation with a potential mentor and activist with the sweetest rhymes of all African time.

Recommended Track: In Defence Of My Art


2- M.anifest- Africa’s Smoothest

M dot!! This is the Jay Z of Ghana as far as effortless flow. Many will tell you M.anfest is Ghana’s greatest MC no matter how underrated he is. This is one rapper whose rhymes float out like it took zero effort to pen or construct. His words just fall into place perfectly and carry deep meanings  in line with the subject matter of the track.

Recommended Track: B.E.A.R


1- Proverb- Veteran Of The Arts 

Long before many of the rappers on this list found fame, Pro had been killing bars and slaying verses, holding down the African hiphop scene from his end. He is a future legend, as he conquered hiphop music’s vital components such as lyrical content, sound delivery and commercial success. KING!!

Recommended Track: Writer’s Club

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