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Being lied to sucks. Whether it’s the cheating boyfriend/girlfriend, or the dubious staff member, it hurts to think that some people would willingly play with your intelligence for selfish interests.

Spotting a liar can be tough, but fortunately the FBI and even health experts have a number of tricks up their sleeves to help us out. Check some of the proven few we learnt today:

1. It’s all in the NoWho knew one simple word can tell so much. When next someone says no, be on the lookout for them speaking

  • and glancing in a different direction;

  • and closing their eyes;

  • after hesitating;

  • and stretching out the word

  • in a singsong manner

2. It’s also in the smile: A patient dog catches the fattest bone, and apparently, a liar too. From unusually long-lasting smiles to sudden micro-expressions, it’s hard for a liar to conceal their true emotions for so long.  What’s a micro expression, you might ask? Quick, involuntary flashes of anger or fear that show up, especially when someone is pretending to be happy, for example.

3. Ask an unexpected question: A good liar is best caught in the lie. Throw in an usual question to the interrogation mix, and watch him or her stutter in response.

4. Pay attention to how much they say: Liars actually talk faster than truthful people. It’s all part of the charade to cover up the truth and sound legitimate. Something else to look out for would be a louder volume and repeated coughing, gulping or throat clearing.

5. Ask them to say the story backward: It’s no surprise that liars also memorise their cover up stories. It’s ingrained in their minds in a certain format, so asking for a narration backwards would mess up details.

6. They’re giving too much detail: A loophole in a liar’s prepared story can also be added unnecessary details. He or she is clearly interested in providing the perfect cover up, but since when has over-preparedness been a good thing anyways?

7. Watch their body language: From pulling the body frame inwards to hiding fidgety hands, there’s a lot you can notice in a liar’s body language if you pay attention. What the body is saying tends to conflict with the words coming out his or her mouth.

8. Liars remove themselves from the story: Initially, a liar may include details of his part in an incidence. Watch out for the slow and steady extraction of his involvement though, because it will come eventually. It’s the liar’s way of psychologically distinguishing himself or herself from the story being sold.

How have you spotted lying friends, exes, colleagues or staff members in the past? Do share below.

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