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A very difficult decision that many of use keep postponing is saving. We procrastinate about it to the extent that we exhaust all our money whenever we get paid. Meanwhile, the advantages of savings cannot be overemphasised. Your savings always come to your rescue in times of emergency. Regardless many people give numerous excuses for their failure to save. Make a decision to start saving today and these tips will definitely help. Don’t forget to thank us and come back for more tips:

save money

— Stay out of debt

This is perhaps one of the best tips if you are serious about saving. You should stay out of debt or else when you get your monthly pay, you will use it to service debts. At the end, there will barely be anything left.

— Cut Entertainment cost

If you go to the club, cinema or beach week in, week out, it may be time to reduce all these activities. You can do it once a month or only on public holidays. It will go a long way in aiding your saving resolution.

— Automate savings

Notwithstanding the amount you are earning, you should automate savings so that at the end of the month, the amount will be automatically deducted from your account. Your bank should be able to do this for you.

— Stop buying on impulse

If you are among those that buy on impulse, you should stop it. Buying on impulse mean you see something you didn’t budget for and you just buy it. Ladies do this very often but this is not exempting guys. If you ditch buying on impulse, you will definitely save more.

— Try as much as possible to get the best bargain

You do not just accept any offer or price given to you by the seller. Try as much as possible to be like women who bargain to get the best price.

— Buy in Bulk

Do your best to always buy in bulk. It is cheaper than buying in single packs.

— Avoid small fees

Except it is an emergency, you should avoid small fees. One of the fees is ATM transfer charges. If you frequently use mobile to transfer money to other banks besides yours, you will be charged N105. Rather than paying this fee, you should just go to the bank.  Do not be lazy,

— Buy fairly used goods whenever possible

Of course, you know you do not have enough money to buy a brand new item but you still bought it. You are definitely not ready to safe because you will spend all your money on the goods. Be wise, buy a fairly used product so that you can save.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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