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Living life in style has been made easy with the use of social media. Whether it’s Fashion, beauty tips or just everyday life advice, there are so many bloggers out there who dedicate their time to showing you how to live in style.

If you have been on the edge endlessly in search for someone a little more, well relatable, we have some roster of bloggers to add to your list of scrolls.

Their personality coupled with their high quality content and aesthetically pleasing photos will burst your feeds.

Learn about the 10 trendsetters below:

  1. Instagram: @instaosi

Osinakachukwu is New York based. He is a self-described Fashion enthusiast, stylist and influencer. Inspired by the ‘90s, his style is a mix of classic street and urban. You can peep his dope wardrobe over on “The poopstyle”.




2. Instagram: @Stevenonoja

Steven Ononja is a Nigerian born, Creative Consultant, director and photographer. Based in New York City, where fashion reigns king.  He presents a websites hosting all of his luxurious journeys within travel dairies that captures every single details.



3. Instagram: @Karenbritchick

Karen is London bred, but is the New York based blogger behind “where did U get that”. She’s described as an Englishman in New York as the lovely sting would put it. Her style is off the chain, especially when she hits the street.



4. Instagram: @Malibudollface

Bejean owns a youtube page. She is the youtuber behind Malibu Dollface, source for makeup and hair tips that makes you look fierce with a capital F.



5. Instagram: @Lipstickncurls.

Jade Kendle is referred to as the ultimate hack queen. She been able to influence over 200,000 subscribers through her account LipstickNcurls. She shares hair, makeup and lifestyle hacks on a weekly basis.



6. Instagram: @Ravenelyse

Raven Elyse is self-described mom-trepreneur behind the brand, Raven Elyse TV. If you need to learn all things about fashion, beauty, travel, home décor and mom related stuff, the 23-year old is definitely one to follow.



7. Instagram: @Gabifresh

Gabi Gregg is the plus size model, swimwear designer and style blogger behind Gabi Fresh. With over 45,000 followers on Instagram, the feminist uses her fashion and writing to express herself. Apart from the accolade attached to her name, she is known as a recognizable icon for body positivity.



8. Instagram: @ Makeupshayla

Shayla is a beauty Vlogger known for her Flawless make up tutorials. She is a total beauty boss with her YouTube channel boasting a following of 377, 000 YouTube subscribers.



9. Instagram: @Perkrnsbienaime

Perkens Bien Aime’ has been known to provide men with major tips in fashion, lifestyle, food, travel and everything in between, through Garcon a la mode. His beautifully designed website with updated contents makes you hungry for the finest things of life.





Written by: Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

Ig: @pathrik_ T: @_pathrik


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