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Many people have had different experiences while driving at night.

cars at night

The major one is being attacked by highway robbers. Although the police are doing their best to arrest the situation, you have to be security and safety conscious on your part whenever you drive, especially at night. This is because people do all sorts of things under the cover of darkness.  You do not want to be one of their victims. These tips will help you stay safe whenever you drive after dark.

central lock for car

Lock your car with the central car lock

Locking your car centrally will prevent anyone including criminals from forcing themselves into your vehicle.

car passengerNever pick up a stranger

It is difficult to identify who is sincere with the help they want or desire. Therefore, do not stop or pick up anyone at night no matter the dire situation they are in.

car inner light

Your inner light should always be off

Your inner light should always be off especially when you are driving at night. The light can attract thieves that are lurking and waiting to attack their victim.

car safe

Hide your valuables

Your phone, computer and other gadgets should be out of sight. You can leave your wallet in your pocket with little money in it and an ATM card that you do not have large amount. You are not praying to be attacked but if you drive frequently at night, the likelihood of being attacked is high. So, hide your valuables.

car thief apprehended in stop and search

—Install a tracking device

Your car may be the target of these night thieves. However, if it has a tracking device, you do not need to worry too much about your stolen car. It can be tracked as long as the tracking device is not removed.

car flat tyre

—Drive on if you have a flat tyre

The mistake that some night drivers make is that when they have a flat tire they stop to change it. This is very dangerous as you can be attacked. Drive on to the nearest filling station or you just continue your journey.


—Always roll up your windows

Well, you should roll up your windows. You do not want someone swiping your gadgets. Leaving your windows up naturally is the first safety measure.


—Look for alternatives when your car breaks down

Your car suddenly breakdown in the middle of nowhere. What some people will do is that they sit in the car doing nothing or calling people. This is not good. You should leave the car and that place immediately. You can even lodge in a hotel if you want.


—Do not drive if feeling sleepy

This is a huge dilemma. You are driving at night and feeling sleepy but you cannot stop because you may be attacked. If you continue driving, it may be fatal. The best option is either to stop at a busy filling station or you drive to a hotel, book a room and just spend the night there.

Written By Damilola Faustino

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