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The one thing I love to do when idle is to make lists

and this one details how to make money whilst self-isolating.

No I don’t want to make money!

– said no one in the whole entire world…

So scroll on to see 5 sure ways to gain those money stacks whilst under lockdown.

Take paid surveys

Did you know?

You can get paid to take surveys;

depending on the quality of your response and the duration of the surveys,

you stand to get paid a whole lot.

Sell Unwanted Clothes Online 

I’ve begged you in my previous COVID-19 precautionary tips article

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to stay away from fake news intake and keep productive instead.

One of such ways is to reorganize your closet.

Out with the old indeed & in with the new bands of cash (you’d receive in return)

because what’s no longer a fave to you

could be more than useful to the next person.

Learn A Course

Women in Biz & Udemy just outlined some free courses you could take

to make yourself more employable.

Tip: Darlings! This is free education in exchange for money in the future.

The economist in me approves 🙂


Delve Into Your Vocation

Delve into your passion projects, do something you love

trust me, that’s a whole other income stream worth revisiting.

e.g. Baking, Knitting, Woodwork, Building ,Write Scripts, Write Books, Make beats, etc.

Tip: Make more items today to sell post-pandemic.

Film Your Passion Projects

Document your self-isolation journey…

You could video what you’re going through or even a new skill you’re trying to learn,

maybe a hobby you’re revisiting, start a podcast, film work out videos etc.

via a youtube page or any other social media of your choice.

Tip: Stay consistent with the content, you never know you could be on to something.

If you stay consistent and churn out info that your audience wants,

you’d be a certified blogger making bank in no time.

Teach a Course

(Yes! You can. Especially if you’re certified)

You can join an online teaching circle and get paid whilst self-isolating.

Multitudes of people are bored and want to fill their lives with something of purpose.

Tip: It could be languages

People always want to learn a new language in their free time.

It could be home schooling,

if you’re an actual teacher and school is closed (trust me parents are searching for this)

Maybe a fashion masterclass or tutorial, where people could learn how to reorganize their looks and style themselves according to their body shape.

Get paid to Write an article or Start a Blog

Why not send in contributions to a digital platform

or contribute to a magazine…

Maybe now is the time to start your own blog and make that impact in the world.

Tricks of the Trade

Read up on trading options stocks, bonds, etc. 

Invest Now, Cash Out Later

Create an Access Bank Savings account or start a Piggvest where you’d be getting your returns yearly.

Tip: You could even sign up to a life insurance to cash in should you survive the corona virus.

By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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