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A Different Design Creative Agency Is Finally Here!

Nigeria is fast becoming a hub for creative individuals to thrive and I’m truly glad to be alive in this era.

If you or anyone you know is passionate at what they do, yearning for success and is super creative in the content creating, fashion or modelling field,
you need to look into getting managed by A Different Creative Agency, aka ADD
So being a creative is actually a thing?

Oh yes darling,

Gone are the days when parents looked down on creative roles their children tried to pursue for the sake of medicine, engineering, law and the other traditional vocations. 

Now this generation has coined the vocation known as “The Creative” and roles that fall under this umbrella include but are not particularly limited to-


Content creators, fashion consultants, stylists, talent management , models, music sound engineering aka making and mastering some of the hardest beats you’ve heard, music in general, artists, graphic designers, etc.


Any job that strays away from the norm and involves a lot of creativity, passion and talent. 

Tell Me More About This ADD Creative  Agency

A Different Design ( @whatisadd) is a Creative Agency based in Lagos, Nigeria.

The brand was birthed with the realization that there exists a gap in the market

for a collective to really  focus on creating visual content for Fashion brands

who wish to elevate themselves and stand out against the competition.

Introducing the ADD Model Agency

Alongside the Creative arm, ADD also runs a boutique Model agency,

and unlike incumbent model agencies that manage a massive number of models within their portfolio,

ADD promises to keep the number small in order to ensure an intimate, personalized service for each and every model client

This is to truly understand their needs and help them achieve their goals

whilst showcasing their talents in the both the local and  the international scene.

For more information on the talent management brand, check their Instagram here.

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