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Over the weekend Accelerate TV was invited to the Ile Eros Press Party Launch.

Now, I live for a boujie exclusive affair but when I tell you that Eros thought of everything to make this event a winner, just trust me on that.

Chef Eros is a social culinary master who caters to parties and events for Lagos’s 1% of 1%. His background in International Business management helped tremendously with understanding how to carve out a culinary spot of his own.

He started up a bakery with his mum called, Cookie Jar then went on to forge Ile Eros, adding to the chain of Eros culinary spots.

Ile Eros interestingly enough opened in January albeit partially.

Fast forward to November 30th, The restaurant is in full swing with its marble tops table and Batik printed curtains, once you enter you’d truly feel like you are at home.

Let’s talk about this press launch quickly.

Chef Eros took Nigerian food that has already been established and made these dishes more exciting. He managed to put a spin on things starting from sourcing i

Dish 1: Banana oatmeal pancakes; he ensured the waiters served it correctly with syrup on top and fruit by the side. Chef Eros also verified Puff Puff delight- bite into this pastry and anything can be within, literally anything so if you’re not daring or lucky, sorry šŸ™‚ .

Dish 2: Corned Beef Shashukka ; A bite of the club sandwich and the Shashukka will transport you to paradise. (Shashukka is a modern day unique take on the corned beef sauce and omelette)

Dish 3: Pastry Galore… Chef Eros made sure to let us know that every pastry- the bread, the doughnuts etc. are baked from the cookie jar fresh daily.

Drinks; Let’s talk about the drinks;

Pink Lemonade was served at the African Brunch using lemons grown in one of the three local gardens surrounding Ile Eros, also available on the menu are local drinks likeĀ  palmie and zobo.

Awesome‘ the bartender took us through his cocktail making process and this was truly a highlight of the event.

This event officially launched the location with details as follows;

Restaurant & Bar: Tue – Fri: 12 noon – 11:00 pm
Sat & Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
Kitchen closes: 10:00 pm

You’re welcome!


By: Joan K. Vincent-Otiono

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