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How to be attractive? Last time we focused on the basic tip of admitting smelling better to become more attractive… Get that gist here.

But this time we are still on the same tip of letting you know how to be attractive to the opposite sex. So without breaking the bank and delving into total make overs, we are here to tell you what you can do to make a difference in getting the opposite sex to want you.

Let’s start with tip two:

– Admit when you’re wrong

This is the best place to start as it doesn’t take into account the “piercing”-ness of your eyes, if you have a six pack or hearty keg, weather your eye brows have the right amount of “fleekedness” or even if you have horizontal mombo skills for days. The quickest way to attractiveness in the eyes of the opposite sex is your capacity to admit when you make a mistake or error in judgment

Yes, I can hear the cogs in your head spinning and wondering why?

Well, it’s easy to make this vital change in your ways because not many people like to do this. Many people would do anything to avoid admitting they are wrong, they would rather try to be clever about it, giving excuses and offering up intellectual diatribes as to what actually happened, thus keeping them in control of the situation. As such we are all tired of it, arguing and listening to someone who knows they screwed up gets old fast, and somewhere in our minds we switch off and place those people in the “Can I be Bothered” pile in our minds.

So this is me giving you the go to tip. Admit you are wrong when you are, or let them know you didn’t know the right at of that celeb you claimed you where the biggest fan of. It doesn’t make you look weak, stupid or whatever else you have been avoiding. It shows you are willing to learn… Also by saying you don’t know of are wrong, you are giving them a chance to educate you and therefore feel good about the interaction. Ergo, you are now looking good in their eyes.

Look forward to more tips from the A-Man, and check out How to be a man while you are at it.

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