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How to be attractive? Now this is the question everybody asks themselves at one point in time or another.

This is not a simple question to just throw about, but as a Naija guy traversing the everyday fashion mine field that in Nigeria, it’s obvious that good looks come from more than having a chunky bank account. There is so much more to it to get the opposite sex to want you.

– Smell Better

I don’t mean go to the doctor and ask them how to improve your nose so you can improve your ability to smell things. But what we are talking about is actually improving the auditory sensation of smell for those around you (smelling better).


I’m a huge fan of “smell good”, so as such I love it when others smell good around me. So’ it should come as no surprise to you that i also love it when people tell me how good I smell. It gives me a real smile moment (No “LOL” when you know i ain’t smiling)

So to all those reading, hit the stores and invest (Yes, this is an investment) in at least two perfumes or aftershaves or smell good as I call them. Two at the least as we should leave smelling the same everyday to those with no choice… So take your time and choose well.

Take your time, do some research, sit with the sales persons and play with the testers, ask questions. This is important as your smell stays around a little longer than you do, so you want to leave a good impression.


This guy smells so nice, you can see it.

For those of you reading this I can vouch for the auditory sense of elation left behind by a Chanel or a Tom Ford. But at the end of the day, this will be a part of you, so use your nose and if that doesn’t help…. stick with one of the above.

Look forward to more tips from the A-Man, and check out How to be a man while you are at it.

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