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We all love it when someone says we look good, or we smell good, or we’ve lost weight and so on… So it shouldn’t come as a shocker that being the one giving the compliments makes you look good too (compliment in moderation, you don’t want to come across as a sleaze bag or cheese ball).

reaction to compliments

When you tell a girl anything nice…

Tell others around you how attractive, funny or interesting they are, and it works like magic, as they in turn realize just how attractive, funny or smart you are.

Showcasing the positive attributes in those you meet/interact with makes them automatically think of you in a different light. The truth is that this goes so much further than just when you are talking to the woman who you have been thinking of asking out.

dolphin compliment

This works in all aspects of our lives. Just tell that guy at work how great a job he’s doing (Only works if he actually is doing a good job and not Facebooking his primary school friends all day) and he’ll start looking at you in a different, more positive light, and then in conversation with others, he’ll be bound to talk about you in a positive light as well.

So, give out a compliment now and then, and ensure you don’t become that guy that says everyone is amazing and everything is great, because too much of anything becomes a bad thing and you can negate all the good will you built up.

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