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I’m sure you have all heard how important a good shoe is to an outfit. We’ve heard it so much it seems like a cliché. But like most myths, they must have come from somewhere and some are even true.

A woman once told me that the first thing she notices on a man are his shoes… I will admit, I took a few seconds to think about the first thing I notice on a woman, but let’s not go down that rabit hole for now.

I honestly thought it would be hair and then maybe his ass, but who am I to question this empirical evidence garnered from a random women i had a conversation with a while ago…

But back to the topic at hand, a good shoe can go a long way to making you look the part (that is if the part you are looking to play is dapper, clean man that is.) So remember that you don’t have to spend all your money on the latest and greatest shoes, but just make sure:

– They fit comfortably
– They are clean
– They are outfit appropriate (This is a whole different article)
– They are not Square toed (those are…. urm… very outdated)

Also, if you get a good pair of shoes and take care of them, they will serve you well for a long time to come too. So when she looks at your shoes, she actually keeps looking and gets to see the real you.

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