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Saweetie released a new music video a couple days ago, so it only feels right to give you a Saweetie playlist.

Fast Motion

This is her newest single, and as usual, she never fails to give us dope visuals and sexy outfits, which have fast become two of the things we know her for.

Slow Clap

Now, this song actually belongs to Gwen Stefani, but features Saweetie. You hear her signature sound and her “icy girl” callout.

Best Friend

Besties come thruuuu! This song was needed because this is actually how every girl feels about her bestie. With the way this video was shot, you’d actually think Doja Cat and Saweetie really are best friends.


On this one…Saweetie’s voice sounds different. A little more husky, street, and authoritative. I had to watch the video twice just to make sure I wasn’t missing anything.

Back to the streets

Pretty bitch music indeed. This is the song you need to get yourself gassed up when you’re tired of doing the same old thing with the same old guy.


What other songs do you think should be added to the Saweetie playlist and who would you like to see her collab with?

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