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By Daniel Ugbang

daniel ubang

Daniel Ugbang

What a sphere to inhabit, a place without the fear to try and even fail, success smiled at, failure taken to be the step to success. But why are you saying this? I think my mind is a smart lady in her mid-twenties always asking me questions but ‘let’s ignore her’ said my little cousin who had caught my attention without a word.

Just there at the dining table I was with my ego the male part of my mind, he was playing the self-pride game asking me why I had failed my Masters’ entrance examination by a mark “it’s really poor and not to be expected from your kind…” but come to imagine it, was the invitation ‘she’ gave me “what makes you one of a kind?”. Anyway it is only healthy to have a self-perceived stance of one’s self-image, a no-go area for anyone who attempts to hurt her verbally.

Eventually, I was caught staring while amidst my thought sail, but still the eyes could not stare out of its sight the admiration of a child venturing into an adventure of trial and error; the fail and keep trying peripheral.

I watched this little cousin of mine place a cup on her head while trying to go about other things but still ensuring to see that it does not fall to the ground. Albeit it fell, she did not stop. She kept on attempting this same act over and over again. I found this disturbing as I was scared that she would destroy the cup and poke the peace, as others were focused on their respective meals.


But my worry subsided after careful analysis of this child. I came to the understanding that I, like a good number of other youths of my time and age, had been absorbed into a system of conformed behavior. “Where did I lose it? Where went my independent mindset? Was I manipulated all the way here?” But I was told and even taught that this was how things were to be done. I guess they were justifiable enough to win me over or was I made a conformist from birth? And was I about to get some conformation out of this child. All these went through my ocean of thoughts as I sailed deeply into my pretty mind.

“Let this child be” the voice from within alerts, but I was trying to correct the child from making a mistake, I replied her. “What mistake? The one that has hindered a lot of individuals from actually living but rather existing?” It reiterated.

Today I say to you, define what success really means to you, go the extra mile, be the anomaly, fail! fail!! and fail!!! But don’t forget that at the long run it all comes down to you being happy with yourself knowing that you truly lived and not just existed.

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