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Swaggering rapper, A$AP Rocky is dishing authentic advice to musicians.

The rapper currently has two Billboard chart No.1 albums and deals with Dior, MTV, Guess and Mercedes.

At a Cannes Lions session, he said he tell kids that often play him demo tapes to ask for his advice that:

“If you are going to be inspired by someone, at least let it be a dead person, otherwise it’s just stealing because if that person is still alive, you are just jacking what they are doing, and that happens in music and fashion a lot” .

Explaining further, Rocky said:

“I feel like the way that I established my relationship with fans is because they noticed everything I did was authentic. It had to be something driven by passion. We’re not going to do anything that is not authentic or what I truly believe in. That’s what is the problem going on with the music world right now, all that wack stuff, the commercial s**t. Wack is wack.”

“There’s no compromising at all, what’s the point if you are going to be in business? You’ve got to be yourself.

“Mahn when you see a kid like me, or just a kid that has this unorthodox look to him, don’t second guess him, that kid with the crazy hair and the holes in his sneakers, that kid is a stoner but he is actually a genius, you never know if you are looking at the next Steve Jobs. So keep your eyes open and believe.”

When asked what he would tell his younger self, he said:

“I would tell a 12-year-old A$AP Rocky, ‘Hey man just keep what doing what you are doing, it’s going to work out.”

Written by Clement Oluwasegun

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