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By Sarah Oyedo

Social media, as we have learned, is growing into becoming a very powerful tool for advertising and huge brands are cashing in big time. Abercrombie & Fitch are not left out of this revolution as the brand recently casted its latest denim campaign exclusively on Instagram.


The campaign was titled “Do it in Denim” and displayed 30 men and women who were encouraged to style themselves and act naturally.

This is a breath of fresh air as their former campaigns had mostly featured toned and shirtless models and associates.

A&F did a relaunch of its denim line in 2017 and these offerings are a step up from the previous.

Take more looks below:

abercrombie-denim-fall-2018-24-1531331029abercrombie-denim-fall-2018-24-1531331029  abercrombie-denim-fall-2018-24-1531331029 abercrombie-denim-fall-2018-24-1531331029 abercrombie-denim-fall-2018-24-1531331029

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