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An exclusive press screening for the N400 million movie “93 Days” was held yesterday the 11th of August 2016 at the Film House Cinemas Surulere, Lagos. The movie, described as “an ode to the heroes of Nigeria in the battle against Ebola”, features Nollywood veterans and new faces on the rise in the industry.


93 days the movie

Adopting a revolutionary narrative of storytelling in Nollywood, the movie is laced with overtly captured shots of the city of Lagos. To this, we give kudos to the director of photography. The beautiful alignment of intricately taken shots, come together to give any person who has never been to Lagos the tour that they deserve. What this seemingly does is to make every location portrayed in the movie a landmark that potential visitors will long to see.

Another point worthy of note in the movie would be the manner in which the shots were framed. This credit we will throw to the director of the movie. In storytelling, horror and romance require extra effort to convey and elicit emotions in audiences. The adoption of this filming technique and its brilliant execution in the film, classified as a drama, is laudable. The frequency of close-up shots, right-hand third and left-hand third framed shots with blurred backgrounds help bring focus to the expressions and non-verbal cues brilliantly executed by the cast.

Driving home the emotions and etching-in the confusion, pain, and sorrow portrayed by the cast is the score of the movie. In response to the question I asked Bolanle Austen Peters about the sound track for the movie she responded “Thank you very much for noticing. We actually had it composed in Macedonia and brought the score-sheets back home and had performers at the Muson Centre, with added vocals from the likes of Banky W and Omawunmi, create the score.” This makes the critique for “93 Days” even harder as the producers did their best to get audiences to relive the Ebola ordeal through cohesive nature of all elements in the movie.

If all this is sounding too heavy, never fear because you will be met by well-placed comic relief in high points of the movie, one of the fundamental essentials of a well written script. The subtle message I was able to take home from the dramatization of the cast is the importance of family and the embodiment of patriotism through selflessness.


screening of 93 days the movie

However, a critical point of concern arises in the dramatization of Patrick Sawyer and the treatment of the Ebola victims which most would believe is seriously downplayed in the film. To this, the producers responded that they tried to tell the stories as best as they could, with concern to audiences as many still suffer the ripple effects caused by the ordeal thus respecting them in the same regard. On the other hand, the implication of this will be that people who didn’t pay close attention to the incident would rely on the narrative of the movie as a reference for the severity of Ebola in Nigeria.

“93 Days” hits cinemas in Nigeria on September 16th and will be preceded by a premier at The Rock Cathedral in Lekki.


Written by Biodun Laaro

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