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After many travails, the complaints of the residents of Abuja concerning the movement of cattle on the streets, has finally reached the ears of the administrators.

In a meeting convened by the minister in charge of the Federal Capital City, Muhammad Bello, where he inaugurated a task team led by Abdullah Monjel and comprising of some of the young and literate members of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria, he tasked them to ensure that they keep cattle off Abuja roads.

To assure them that the government is not against them, the honourable minister stated, ” You have to understand that when Abuja Environmental Protection Board says cattle should not roam the city, it is not because they want to prevent cattle breeders from raring cattle in the FCT. Basically, it is just for safety. It is for safety of your cattle and above all, safety of the citizens.”

“In a modern city, it is not possible for animals and vehicles to move together on the roads because this could cause accidents which in some cases could be fatal, and it is our duty to protect lives and property.”

In a further assurance to the cattle rarers, the minister announced to them on Tuesday that, a total of 33,485 hectares of land around the city has been earmarked as grazing reserves. The provision which can cater for about 7 million herds of cattle, has been made available in different parts of the capital city as follows: Paikon Kore 8,500 hectares; Karshi 6,000 hectares; Kawu in Bwari 9,000; and Rubochi in Kuje 9,985 hectares.

Source: Premium Times

Written by Okolo Ezinne

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