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By Eromosele Patrick Eidusi

The first ever Accelerate Fashion Talks is set to launch this Friday, 4th May, 2018 featuring top shots in the fashion industry.

fashion talks

We at Accelerate are strong believers in dialogue as an instrument of empowerment, especially for the younger generation. Hence, the Fashion Talk is centred around bridging the gap between the established and the emerging, as evident in our Fashion segment. We will discuss the resilient issues plaguing the fashion industry in Nigeria, their solutions and forward-movement.

For our debut Accelerate Fashion Talks, we aim to discuss The White Elephant In The Room. This involves topics relating to “How do we build a fashion brand in the digital age, especially in an ever-so-crowded digital space?” The steps required, how to go about it, what to look out for, the do’s and the don’ts.


Our speakers consist of top shots in the fashion industry, who have paid their dues and are making a difference globally. We hope to divulge their secrets to success during our talks, so don’t be left out. Check out our list of speakers below:

fashion talks speakers


The Kenneth Ize ethos is rooted in the exploration and reinterpretation of a myriad of cultural aesthetics.

Kenneth Ize reinterprets Nigerian craft to create an original perspective on luxury design. Working directly with a variety of Communities across Nigeria, KENNETH IZE is devoted to the long established traditions within Nigerian craft and local artisanship often merging contemporary design aesthetics and new approaches to production with a perceptibility local handcraft practice.

The Kenneth Ize Brand is committed to a sustainable process of design and production, sourcing materials locally and fostering a fair and safe working space for all workers and artisans who often collaborate and influence and design journey in unexpected ways.

There is the strong belief that in exploring and nurturing existing cultures, one enters an exciting territory for creating and inspiring future cultures.


Ismoila Alli-Balogun is founder of Kingsbridge and Company, a Venture capital firm designed to build Africa’s most influential lifestyle brands. The company’s portfolio includes Heritage Circle, the supreme online shopping destination for African menstyle’s style and AGBADA, a new clothing company reinventing the retail industry for traditional African menswear.

Prior to Kingsbridge and company, Mr. Alli- Balogun worked at Citogroup Alternative Investments in New York with a Focus on private equity financing. Before Citigroup, he was a Teaching Fellow at African Leadership Academy (ALA) in South Africa, where he taught classes on African businesses and co-developed the academy’s first curriculum on Business, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship. Before ALA, he worked in investment banking at Renaissance Capital in Nigeria.

Mr. Alli-Balogun holds a BBA from Baruch College and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania. He’s a graduate of the SVMP management training program at Harvard Business School and the United States Army’s Non-commissioned Officer Academy.

A former US Soldier and Veteran, Mr, Alli-Balogun served in Operation Iraqi Freedom after 9/11. Besides his day-to-day work, he is a contributor to and fundraiser for African Youth Unite for Change, a nonprofit organization focused on improving the lives of former child soldiers in Africa today.


Isioma is the CEO and Founder of Grey Velevt.  She is married and a dedicated mother of 4. She has a B.sc in Zoology and M.sc in information Systems Design.

She worked as a system Analyst for Top Fortune 50 companies, Microsoft and Merck and Co. and as Head of IT, At premier downstream oil company, OANDO.

Dissatisfied with the lack of “edutainment” for children, teens and adults in Lagos, she founded FUNTOPIA,  a state-of-the-art entertainment park; JUICE, a bi-monthly magazine for teens; A voice for ELLA, the stage play, a modern day musical adaptation of Cinderella and STYLE ME, a Tv makeover show aired across the continent, UK and Europe. She also served as consultant executive producer at HITV, TVC and Bloomberg Africa. Her latest foray and the most challenging, has been the creation of Fashion retail chain and online store, GREY VELVET, purveying ONLY “Made in Nigeria” apparel and accessories. Along with the 5 stores, she is currently running a full-fledged garment factory serving, both local and international markets.


Sharmaine Aderemi has worked within the fashion industry for over 15 years as branding, wholesale, sales and product development expert. With over a decade of experience within the Fashion industry, developing branding and licensing opportunities across fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Working with talent and influencers worldwide to create product ranges such as home fragrance, apparel, accessories and much more.

Sharmaine’s client list includes Acne, Buckingham Palace, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Celine, Gina, Karl Lagerfeld, Swarovski, Charlotte Olympia, and many more. Sharmaine has travelled extensively around globe throughout her career to regions such as the Far East, Europe and the USA on behalf of factories, brand and retailers.

Sharmaine’s approach to all clients and projects draws upon her deep industry knowledge and wide insight, providing clients with visionary advice and strategy.

As leading expert in the Fashion, branding and retail industry, Sharmaine has helped companies accelerate brand growth in new and established markets. Her experiences with new starts-ups to world-famous labels and everything in between enables her to help companies fine-tune all aspects of what they create; from choosing international suppliers to advising how to assess factory cost and margins for different markets, determine the most effective and efficient method to help improve profitability. From determining inbound and outbound logistics to refining sales processes and steering product development. Sharmaine has worked within a variety of markets – emerging, established, and start-ups. Whilst providing guidance on growing brands, sourcing factories for production worldwide and assisting with price strategy.

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