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So the weekend is over and you’re back at work in front of your desk, thinking to yourself “Where did the weekend go?!” Trust us, we know that feeling- it was over faster than you could say pounded yam and eforriro but here’s the highlight of our weekend:


So the mother of all events happened on Saturday and Nigeria’s fashion elite were out to party and mingle. For those of you that aren’t familiar with ALARA it is by far one of the most prestigious retail department stores in all West Africa, housing some of the worlds most prestigious fashion brands along side some of the best African fashion brands from around the Continent. And on Saturday they added to that list with the exclusive launch of Christian Louboutins, exclusive to ALARA. That’s right, they are the exclusive and sole retailer of the luxury foot wear brand in the whole of Nigeria and West Africa.
In attendance were fashion designers Maki O , Adebyao Oke Lawa of Orange Culture , Tokyo James celebrity stylist Ugo Mozie, male model Victor Ndigwe amongst other socialites like Latasha Lagos and Denola Gray.

Check out the beautiful decor below:






img_8347 img_8348


Written by Tokyo James



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