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Fashion Editor’s Note

I use to not be a ‘Monday Person’ but now I actually get excited about Monday. It’s almost like a new beginning- all the trouble of last week gone and one can start afresh with a new set of goals and the aim of getting ones life back on track.

This week I have challenged my self to do two random acts of kindness and to start the detoxifying process in preparation for the festive period.
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Because one thing I do know is, recession or no recession, I shall be partying like is 1996.

But there’s one thing that’s been on my mind that I wanted to share with you all and that is simply the art of appreciation and togetherness. It may sound cliche but it’s something that has just left us as a society. We don’t apericate the little things in life- trust me your life could be much worst than it is right now. It could be appreciating the fact that some one did something for you at work or the fact that you house help cartied out all your instruction and did it well or may be it’s that simple act of getting good service at a restaurant- we should all learn to appreciate the people and things around us. We need to be together cause their is no man that’s an island and we are all co dependent on each other in one way or the other.

Have a great week and don’t for get to create your own reality!

Written by Tokyo James

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