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Accelerate Filmmaker Project 2019 Day 2

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The second day started off with breakfast and a recap of yesterday’s class and everyone talked about what they learnt and how glad they are to have been chosen. The first class of the day was on production management and what it takes to be a production manager. The class was taught by Mary Ann, who has worked on the set of productions such as Ajoche and Jemeji.

“Work like a soldier, time is money” Mary Ann said as she talked about the functions of a production manager. She mentions that a production manager should always plan their time properly for example if roll time is at 8, your actor has to be there at 6, so that there’s enough time for make-up, costume and other stuff. Here’s a summary of Mary Ann’s lesson:

Functions of a Production Manager:

  • Planning
  • Coordinating
  • Leading
  • Fixing
  • Organising

Core Values:

  • Competence
  • Integrity
  • Accountability


  • Prep
  • Execution
  • Evaluation

General Notes:

  • Take correction from your crew, never be afraid to take corrections
  • One of the major problems you’ll have is scheduling problems, you have to be able to fix scheduling when actors can’t show up
  • You have to be patient
  • You have to be competent, if not your producer will micro manage you
  • And finally, take responsibility and be accountable for everything


For the second and third classes, the topics were Costume Design and Make-up and special effects. Yolanda Okereke, popular Nollywood costume designer who has designed costumes for movies such as Wedding Party and King of Boys, taught costume design and she explained how costuming helps to tell your story. She talked about the importance of reading your script more than once and understanding each character properly in order to be able to decide their costumes. Some of the things that you’d take home from Yolanda’s class are:

  • Sign a contract before anything else, your contract should have; duration, budget and accommodation.
  • Create a mood board and look book for every film
  • Always send an email for the sake of correspondence
  • Don’t try to be a superhero, know your limits and learn to say no.

Make Up and special effects was taught by Feyzo, a well known make up artist who does a lot of the best special effects in Nollywood. Feyzo talked about being very familiar with colors and what color to use on which character and in what scene. She explained that make-up helps the actor get into character and that it is very important in telling your story.

The final class was Breaking Into the film business Internationally and it was taught by Director Fela Oke and Filmmaker Femi Oyeniran and they basically talked about making films that are local but global;making content authentic. Femi also took everyone through his film making process step by step.

Stay tuned for the next class!

Dammy Eneli

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