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Accelerate Filmmaker Project 2019 Day 3

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Can you believe that it’s already day three? Everyday seems to be going so fast and we’re sad about that cause we really love seeing the eager looks on the faces of the filmmakers, who just want to soak up all the knowledge from everyone coming to speak at Accelerate Filmmaker project. It has been such an exciting experience for everyone, including the teachers.

Today started off with Bolanle giving the participants a word of motivation; she told them that even though not everyone might make it to the top five, everyone is still a filmmaker, and everyone should go out there, work hard and make their stories. After Bolanle’s inspiring speech, we moved into the first class of the day: Production Design and Art Direction which was taught by Bisola, one of the best production designers in Nollywood, she has worked on sets such as New Money and King of Boys. In her class, Bisola emphasized on the fact that, in order to be a good production designer, you have to first of all read your script and understand the visual style of the script. Here are some other notes from her class:

  • The production designer is always actively involved when choosing location
  • Have an art direction break down which involves: Scene number, location, props, set-design and notes
  • You must have a close relationship with your director and other heads of department, especially your director of photography
  • Always ask for help
  • Have a good team that has a good number of people
  • Let the excellence in your work stand out

Femi Awojide was the second speaker today and he began his class by showing us his show reel and a music video that he shot. His class was on Cinematography and we must say that it was super detailed. Femi explained that Cinematography is bringing real life to the screen and how there’s a difference between being a cinematographer and just being someone who shoots videos. He used clips from his show reel and other movies that he had shot to explain camera angles and lights. It was a great class, and everyone couldn’t stop asking questions.

Famous director, producer and screenwriter, Victor Sanchez Aghahowa took the next class on Television and everyone absolutely loved him! Before the class started, Lala told everyone that for the whole one hour that he would be speaking, everyone would be writing notes on everything he says because of how much knowledge he has to pass on. And she was right, from the moment he started speaking, everyone could tell that he was funny but also super smart. The first thing he said was “you can’t network upwards, you network sideways. The person next to you is not your competition, he/she is your collaborator” and everyone’s minds blew *adds explosion sound effect*. There was so much to learn from his class, he explained the concept of Content vs Context and he explained how context is the why of content. For the final class, James Omokwe explained Editing, it was a very practical class; he described to everyone his editing process. He also talked about the different stages of editing and what they entail.

Overall, it was a great day filled with so much knowledge and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds.

By: Dammy Eneli

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