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Accelerate Filmmaker Project 2019 Day 5

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We can’t believe it’s almost over, it’s Day 5 which basically means the Accelerate Filmmaker Project is almost over and even though we’re sad about it ending, we’re also glad about the amazing experience we had with our filmmakers.

Today started off with a production masterclass by the great Uduak Oguamanam and not only did she teach production but she taught production in regards to Nollywood. She also taught the different channels for production such as cinema, cable and airlines. Some things to take note of from her class are:

  • A film producer oversees the entire film production process
  • A producer may work independently or may be hired
  • Know your music tights so as not to get in trouble
  • Film production process: pre-production, production and post-production

Next Lala Akindoju spoke to the filmmakers and she told them that they need to be more active in going for what they want, and that they need to be sure of what their specialty is and work hard at it. She basically spoke to the filmmakers and told them that they can’t just sit around and expect things to fall in their laps.

After the lunch break, some of the filmmakers practiced their short film pitches with Lala and then she went ahead to teach the whole class on Pitching films. Here are some points to note :

  • Your personality comes into play when you’re pitching
  • Take into consideration the practicality of your film
  • Make sure thy in the first one minute, you have communicated your ‘why’- (why should I give you the money for this film)
  • Integrity matters; don’t promise something in you pitch then not deliver
  • Remember to be concise in your pitch
  • Visual aids can help or ruin your pitch, depending on how you use them

Tomorrow is the BIG day, the day we pick the top five who’ll make their movies. It’s pitch day!! We can’t wait to see how it’ll go!

By : Dammy Eneli

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