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The 25 talented filmmakers selected for this year’s edition of the renowned Accelerate Filmmaker Project have commenced their classes today, June 13, 2019.

The third edition of the film making masterclass commenced with lessons in Script Writing and Character Development, kicking off 5 days of what promises to be an exciting session.

The Head of Accelerate TV, Colette Otusheso started off the class by welcoming our young filmmakers and advising them to take good advantage of the rare opportunity that they have been given.

She talked about how she started working in the media industry and how she noticed that there were a lot of young talents, who just needed access to the right people who would show them the way, and with the help of the GMD Access Bank, Herbert Wigwe, who believes in empowering youths, Accelerate TV Filmmaker Project was born.

Colette also went ahead to mention that the Accelerate TV Filmmaker Project has created a community of young, creative and powerful people who have stayed connected over the years. So even though not everyone’s film will be made, the Filmmaker Project will give everyone an opportunity to learn and collaborate with other creative minds which at the end of the day will lead to amazing results.

The Topic for today was Script Writing and Character Development, taught by the award winning director, BB Sasore, the director of popular movies, Banana Island Ghost and God Calling.

One of the first and unique things that BB mentions in his class is that “As a filmmaker you must be naive; you have to believe that everyone wants to watch your film” He also mentions there are two things every filmmaker must have: Passion and insatiable work ethic. “As a filmmaker you must have  a burning desire in you to tell stories, meaning that you have to shoot everyday, write everyday and research everyday, he says.

There was so much to learn from BB’s class, here are some key lessons:

  • Watch enough content; filmmakers have to constantly watch all types of content, it is part of their jobs
  • Be unapologetic about what the intention you want your story to tell
  • If you never feel like you’re shooting nonsense, then you’re always shooting nonsense, basically meaning that there definitely will be times when you feel like your work isn’t good enough
  • Don’t try to be different, just try to tell the best story you can, and that will set you apart.


Lala Akindoju spoke the young filmmakers after lunch. She first of all spoke about the importance of your brand and how Instagram is your first website, so it should be professional; your Instagram handle should be your name and nothing more. She also told everyone that they should have an elevator pitch which goes straight to the point and they should always speak about their work with pride,no matter how small it is. Her main topic though, was short films. She explained how a short film is a film and henceforth should have a beginning and an end. Lala also went on to explain the importance of having a story no matter how short your film is.

Check out photos in the gallery below and above.

That’s all for day one, stay tuned and excited for all the gist of day two.

By: Dammy Eneli

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