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Accelerate Filmmaker Project 2018 Day One – Storytelling & Production

Lala AkindojuBolanle OlosundeJite OvuerayeBose OshinBibi ShasoreBose Oshin

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By Modupe Lamikanra

“This year’s session is going to be even greater,” said Bolanle Olosunde, Project coordinator of the Accelerate Filmmaker Project and Accelerate TV head of production.

accelerate filmmaker project 2018

Bolanle Olosunde

The second season of the Accelerate Filmmaker Project is on and it is already obvious that Nigerian youths are so not lazy.

Everyone from a wide range of backgrounds, including actors, scriptwriters, and even theatre directors, were keen on learning something new, and they did.

So, day one kicked off with a session with producer and screenwriter, Bose Oshin, who taught about the essentials of producing, after everyone got to know each other.

accelerate filmmaker project 2018

Bose Oshin

Bose Oshin gave a detailed outline of the functions of a Producer on a film set, ranging from overseeing the welfare of the crew, to managing other departments working on set, as well as handling the logistics of the crew and production.

She ended her session with a screening of her short film, “Silence” and a brief Q&A about the production that went behind the feature and how she balanced her role as a producer and screenwriter.

Bibi Shasore

Bibi Shasore, cinematographer, script writer and screenwriter, took over the session after lunch break. He started by being completely honest about the industry and what it takes to be successful: hard work, talent and utilizing opportunities.

He made it known that the most important thing is passion, going over how it can help convince people to not only watch but to invest in your ideas and films. He also reminded the filmmakers that collaboration and sharing ideas are needed in the industry.

He then outlined the basic structure of storytelling, showing how and where to add complexity to the storyline. He reminded the filmmakers that “your story must be able to engage the audience, it does not matter whether it is arthouse or commercial.”

accelerate filmmaker project 2018

The young filmmakers ended the day with a workshop, constructing a story around a bet made between one of the filmmakers and Bibi about a basketball game.

Don’t worry, if you didn’t make it this year, you can sign up again next year and it might just be your lucky year.

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accelerate filmmaker project 2018

Lala Akindoju

accelerate filmmaker project 2018 accelerate filmmaker project 2018 accelerate filmmaker project 2018 accelerate filmmaker project 2018 accelerate filmmaker project 2018

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