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About fifteen youngsters are on their way to fame after being selected into the Accelerate Filmmakers Project.

See the full list of participants who made it below:

accelerate filmmakers project

Accelerate TV in partnership with The Africa International Film Festival (AFRIFF), had opened the competition for young filmmakers, giving them the chance to fulfill their filmmaking dream by posting a short video on our social media.

After rigorously going through submissions of over two hundred competitors for the Project, we announced our top thirty and after fulfilling the new testing assigned to them, fifteen winners have emerged.

These fifteen winners will be the participants of a weeklong intensive filmmaking training under the tutelage of high flying filmmakers in Nollywood.

The participants will engage in trainings in the areas of editing, writing, lighting, sound, directing, acting, and much more.

Now, here’s the drill:

After being spoilt with a new wealth of knowledge, we will choose five of the most promising and hardworking contestants, giving them the opportunity to have their short film premiered on a large scale at this year’s Africa International Film Festival.

They will be awarded with a budget as well as supervision in the filming of their short movie.

This will push them further into the industry, helping them make new connections, and giving them a head start into the world of filmmaking opportunities.

Congratulations to a new crop of excellent filmmakers!

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