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The Cover radar rests on beautiful, multi-talented, curvaceous on-air personality, Toolz. She dishes on work, fashion, love, marriage and much more. Enjoy her hilarious interview in the video/excerpts below:


So who is Toolz?

I am a singer, songwriter, rapper… (laughs) I am just joking. I am a radio presenter, TV presenter, Media personality, or actually this year I am calling myself a broadcaster.

What are your favourite things to do?

One of my favourite things to do is find a recipe on google or something, like search for a recipe and then do it.  And nine times out of ten, it actually comes out pretty good. So I like cooking sometimes.

The Cover Toolz_June

What does love mean to you?

Love means so many different things, but love, I would say is one of the best feelings in the world. Though difficult to explain, but I feel it is one of the most beautiful things in the world.

How does it feel to be married?

It is different, it is not what I expected it to be. It just feels like I am hanging out with my friend.

What’s the most romantic thing he has ever done for you?

There was one Valentine’s Day that we weren’t going to be in the same country. And here’s what he did; for about a week or ten days I got a gift and a little note sent to my office. Basically, the gifts contained various charms, because he has given me a charm bracelet earlier. So I got different things and a different note for ten days. Yeah that was about the most romantic thing ever.

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Tell us about the journey on becoming the famous Toolz

When I started working at Beat FM I thought, ‘Okay I am going to make sure I do very well at this.’ I didn’t think people would know who I was. I just thought people would say “Oh there’s this girl on Beat FM, she’s got great voice and she plays good music but do you know what she looks like?…No…no..” I thought that was going to be it. When things changed, I was like okay I wasn’t really expecting this, because in the UK, I didn’t actually really know what a lot of my favourite radio presenters looked like. I recognise their voices and I will always listen to their shows but I wasn’t too concerned with what they looked like so when I came here and things were a bit different, I wasn’t prepared for it at all.

T 1

Describe your personal style?

My fashion style and sense is well, because I tend to be late often so it is sort of the first thing you see, sometimes. I really wish I wasn’t always late so I could plan everything you know and figure out which shoes go with which outfit but I tend to grab the first thing I see. But I love looks and items that are very ladylike. So if I think of my style icons, people that I love or loved the way they dressed, that will be Marilyn Monroe, I love how she was always very feminine. Designers that I love; Vivienne Westwood, she’s mainly crazy, but at the same time she really understands how a woman should dress. I like her things, even though they are a bit outlandish; the tailoring is impeccable.

T 5

Who are your favourite Nigerian designers?

I have worked with a few designers. Somebody I really like and I am really comfortable working with is Tosha Woods. I met her when I was doing a bridal shoot. She managed to make something for me in a week. A wedding dress that actually fits, and I was amazed. Actually, I hadn’t met her at that point, so they had just taken my measurements and of course because of my shape, I had to do fittings and after the first dress, I think we fitted that once or twice; the second dress, she made in a week and I was in awe. I was like ‘Okay I think we are going to work together from now on.’

Also, I love Ejiro Amos Tifiri, she is amazing and Maki Oh as well, she has done quite a few things for me, and Valerie Davids, she builds her dresses. I have to be honest she made the first dress I wore in quite a while that I didn’t have to wear a bra. I was absolutely amazed. Because she said no you are not going to wear one and I was like ‘no I have to, these babies need support.’ She was like ‘no I am going to build you a dress’ and she did that. Her dresses are built so they hold you in, you know it’s like tuck that in, suck that up. It is like Plastic surgery in a dress.

T 2

What advice do you have for newcomers in the industry?

Be true to yourself, know why you’re doing this, if you want to be a presenter, a radio presenter or a TV presenter. You need to ask yourself a very important and honest question; why? And you need to answer that. Are you doing it because you want to be famous or because you love music, you love culture or maybe you love fashion? You need to be honest because the answer to that question will determine how long you will last in the industry. Don’t be afraid to try something different. Even if you have people telling you how you have to do things, if you feel you could work on something in a different way, and you are sure it will be a success, then go for it.


Now that you’ve learned a little more about our girl Toolz, be sure to check out her new show, The Wrap Up every Wednesday on Accelerate TV.

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Written by Nkem Ikeh

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