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Access Bank Receives Youths At Knowledge Café

Colette Otusheso, Head, Accelerate TV

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By Oludara Ogunbowale

A warm, elegant ambience welcomed youths to this year’s edition of Knowledge Café at the Access Bank head office in Lagos.

Knowledge Café is an initiative of Access Bank’s Youth Banking team created to exchange ideas with youths between the ages of 18 – 24 to enable the bank provide perfectly-fitting products and services that would adequately satisfy this peculiar group of customers.

Groovy music rocked the room, while assorted finger foods, cocktails and more went around the lounge-style venue, creating an informal, conversational atmosphere.

Knowledge Cafe

Among participants were students of the University of Lagos, Pan-Atlantic University, Lagos State University and even foreign higher institutions.

The youths articulated their needs and expectations of the bank in providing them with excellent and relevant service.

The event also featured Accelerate TV content, the social interaction platform of the bank. Many ideas were contributed in this regard but we won’t let the cat out of the bag yet until these ideas have been executed so keep your fingers crossed and expect to be wowed.

Knowledge Cafe

Yinka Yomi – Tokosi of the Youth Banking team revealed that the Bank understands that times are changing and the needs of ‘aspirationals’ as the generation Z are called, are entirely different from traditional needs that we have been used to and it is in the view of these that the bank sought to know what their thoughts are instead of assuming what their needs are.

Knowledge Cafe

“Access bank decided to be pro-active in their approach in clarifying,” she noted.

Check out little details in the slides above and Watch out for the full video recording of the event on Accelerate TV.

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