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The Access Bank/Diamond Bank merger is becoming clearer as the days go by and a sanction in favour is expected to be issued by the Federal High Court soon.

merger update

The bank has noted that shareholders from both companies are now fully in support of the merger. What’s left is the court sanction, final SEC and CBN regulatory approvals.

According to Access Bank, “This approval puts us a step closer to becoming a bigger, better and stronger Access Bank, one of Africa’s largest banks by number of customers.

“This new brand will reflect both banks’ shared purpose to help people achieve their dreams, and in doing so, for Africa to take their place on the world stage.”

The merged banks are looking to expand Xclusive Plus and Diamond Xtra to increase benefits and payouts.

The bank also added that “with Access Bank’s financial strength and prudence, you can rest assured that your savings are safe.”

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