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All roads lead to the Access Bank Lagos City Marathon tomorrow and we just want you to be safe. While you gear up on the food do’s and don’t’s, routes and routine exercises, here are best ways to stay healthy during the race:

marathon health tips

  1. Monitor your blood pressure before, during and after the marathon.
  2. To avoid muscle strain or pull, warm up and warm down before and after the marathon.
  3. Avoid fatty foods to prevent weight gain.
  4. A nutritionally balanced diet the night before (tonight) is important to stay healthy and energetic (high carbs, moderate protein and low fat).
  5. Avoid eating immediately before and after the race to avoid indigestion.
  6. Consume lots of fruits and vegetables for the needed vitamins and minerals.
  7. Drink enough water. It is important to stay hydrated (1-3 ounces every 10-15 minutes).
  8. You can carry a Camel water pouch for steady supply of water.
  9. Sports drinks are also recommended. However, this should not contain drugs.
  10. Juice soft drinks, soups and milk are also recommended.

Now you are super prepared to conquer the marathon.

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